DXMINI is your gateway to digital HAM radio... Our devices enable your digital radio to communicate over the internet sending your communications across the world. Say you want to talk to a friend 1,400 miles away on D-Star, but you are out of range to your local repeater. Don't worry, DXMINI has you covered! Simply grab your D-Star radio (such as the Icom ID-51A), select the reflector you want to use, and make your call! Your signal will be heard on every hotspot (DXMINI and others) along with every D-Star repeater currently monitoring the same reflector you are transmitting on. It is that simple!! The same can be true for all the other popular digital operating modes within HAM radio. In fact, the DXMINI supports all digital modes currently available using the PiStar Operating System which is regularly updated with new features and customized to fit your individualized needs. This is accomplished by sending an RF signal to the DXMINI which is tethered to the internet via WiFi. So if you have access to a WiFi network and a digital radio capable of one or more of the listed digital modes, YOU NEED TO PURCHASE A DXMINI!!
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