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TC-320 Radio

  • Modèle : TC-320
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  • Fabriqué par : HYTERA

PORTABLE RADIO UHF 400-470 MHz 1700mAh Li-

Radio features:
■ 16 channel capacity
■ Channel Spacing : 25/12.5KHz
■ Wide communication Range
■ Double injection molding and anti-skid design
■ Low battery Alert
■ Long battery life
■ Battery strensth Indicator
■ High/Low power switchable

Cost-effective Business Two-way Radio
TC-320 is unique for its compact and delicate body, superb sound quality, superior drop protection and ergonomic design. This product enables users to fully enjoy the benefits of realtime communication with favorable price.

Technical Highlights

·Wide Communication Range

2W output power can realize wide communication range.

·Delicate, Compact and Durable Body

Strong enough to withstand 1.5m drop with delicate and compact body design.

·Long Battery Life

The 1700mAh high capacity Li-ion battery can secure a battery life up to 10 hours.

·Fashionable Design and Compact Appearance

With ergonomic design, this slim and compact product can help users relieve themselves of fatigue from long-time operation.

·Double Injection Molding and Anti-skid Design

The combination of double injection molding and anti-skid technology brings users comfortable and convenient operation experience.

·Chargeable and Programmable through Mini USB Interface

You can directly charge or program TC-320 through its new added Mini USB interface.

Main Features

·Audio Compandor


·VOX Earpiece

·Battery Strength Indicator

·High/Low Power Switchable

·Programmable 25 KHz /12.5 KHz Channel Spacing


·CTCSS/CDCSS and Squelch Tail Elimination

·Channel Scan

·Auto Battery Save

·Low Battery Alert

·Busy Channel Lockout(BCL)

·Time-out-timer (TOT)

·PC Programmable

·Wired Clone


Hotels and chained super markets: TC-320 is designed for low-tier markets, cost effective and easy-to-use.

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